The critical role of
Asset Management in
correctional facilities

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What is where, when, and with whom?

Doorkeeper sets the benchmark for asset management in Australia’s leading correctional facilities. Doorkeeper protects valuable property and equipment with a level of accuracy achieved only through biometric identity management technology.

Designed specifically for the demanding needs of highly secure facilities, Doorkeeper manages the use and tracks the whereabouts of critical assets, such as:

  • Security accoutrements;
  • Weaponry; and
  • Mobile equipment.

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Need to solve these COSTLY problems?

How to:

  • Track and control accoutrements and mobile assets
  • Protect property, plant and equipment
  • Secure digital assets and sensitive information
  • Integrate asset management with control systems
  • Upgrade antiquated technology and processes
  • Eliminate labour-intensive methods prone to human error

Mismanaging your ASSETS can
be hazardous and costly.
Overcome these critical challenges

Mismanagement of ASSETS poses serious risks to people on-site.

The value of accountability

Correctional centres cannot afford to operate on an antiquated and error-prone asset management system. Doorkeeper accurately identifies staff, inmates, contractors, and visitors. Through the integration of Biode’s state-of-the-art software and biometric identification technology, facilities are able to effectively and efficiently manage WHO has the authority to access specific assets.

Doorkeeper’s powerful functionality ensures total accountability for the use and whereabouts of property and equipment. At all times, you will know WHO is WHERE, and with WHAT.

Rely on Doorkeeper to manage critical assets, like:

  • Keys and electronic key cabinets
  • Radio, body cams, duress / PATs
  • Restraint devices
  • Drug dispensary
  • Inmate property control
  • Prison transport vehicles, perimeter trucks
  • RFID tags and scanners
  • Facility maintenance equipment

Correctional facilities trust Doorkeeper for effective Asset Management:

One of Doorkeeper’s most powerful attributes is its interconnectivity, where it has the ability to manage asset authorisations across a network of Correctional Centres. Changes made to asset authorisations are effective immediately throughout the entire facility, and across multiple sites. Doorkeeper conveniently displays the availability, position, and possession of assets in real-time.
Protect your ASSETS now
The Doorkeeper system can adapt to the unique and evolving needs of a facility. There are no limits to the number or type of assets, people, and locations that can be accurately managed by Doorkeeper.
Protect your ASSETS now
Biode’s in-house biometric experts can customise the software completely, to allow Doorkeeper to be integrated with all systems operating within your highly secure facility. Among other things,Doorkeeper can seamlessly interact with payroll, key management, access control, CCTV, time & attendance, and prisoner property systems, placing biometric identity at the heart of your asset-management ecosystem.
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