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Who, where, when?

Doorkeeper provides an unparalleled people-management capability within leading correctional facilities. Our cutting-edge solution matches an individual’s biometric data with an encrypted user profile to accurately and consistently:

  • control access rights and privileges instantaneously;
  • capture time and attendance information; and
  • track people movement in/out and within the facility.

Vital user data is continuously gathered, providing valuable real-time intel which can be analysed for deeper insights.

Protect your PEOPLE now

Need to solve these COSTLY problems?

How to:

  • Capture and verify the identity of people on-site
  • Manage a user’s access and asset authorisations
  • Record precise time and attendance of staff
  • Implement a robust muster control system
  • Track the movement of people in real-time
  • Gather critical intel for valuable reporting

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Overcome these critical challenges

Safety and security are paramount

For correctional facilities, effective people-management is a critical component of the day-to-day operations. The risk of underperforming, antiquated systems would jeopardise the safety and security of people on-site.

Doorkeeper instils confidence in correctional centres, ensuring existing people-management systems are reinforced by the accurate identification of individuals through biometric technology.

Information is power

Doorkeeper integrates hardware, including fingerprint, iris and facial scanners, to enhance the reliability and functionality of key management applications, such as rostering and permission-control.

Doorkeeper records, collates and displays critical information from across an integrated system and provides a real-time view of people within the facility, resulting in a superior level of insight and management control.

Correctional facilities trust Doorkeeper for superior People Management:

Doorkeeper’s innovative software summarises critical information and provides valuable reporting and insights. Among other things, Doorkeeper records who visits who, how often, and if they are visiting people at other facilities. This critical information can be analysed to identify trends and recognise important people-movement patterns.
Protect your PEOPLE now
Biode’s in-house biometric experts can integrate Doorkeeper with any existing application operating within your highly secure facility. The software is entirely customisable to solve a vast array of unique and evolving needs.
Protect your PEOPLE now
Doorkeeper conveniently highlights who’s on-site and their precise location in real-time, assisting muster control and incident reporting. Changes made to authorisations are effective instantaneously throughout the entire facility, and across multiple sites.
Protect your PEOPLE now
The Doorkeeper system can be adapted and scaled to accommodate expanding facilities. There are no limits to the number of people and authorisations that can be managed by Doorkeeper.
Protect your PEOPLE now