Biometric solutions to manage people
and protect physical assets

Biometric solutions to manage people and protect physical assets in your business

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About Tetanu

Tetanu places biometric identification technology at the heart of effective business management.

Our world-class system captures an employee’s unique biometric identity to enhance the accuracy, efficiency and security of critical business systems, such as time & attendance, payroll, access control, and asset management.

Tetanu protects businesses by reducing costly issues like attendance and timesheet fraud, payroll errors, asset theft and stock shrinkage.

Through the integration of advanced biometric identification into crucial management systems, businesses can save time and money by streamlining day-to-day workforce administration to more effectively manage:

  • PEOPLE: Time and attendance, payroll, labour costing
  • ASSETS: location and movement of assets and inventory
  • ACCESS: who’s allowed where, and when?

The Biode team is continually working to innovate Tetanu – ensuring the delivery of superior functionality and reliability, while never compromising on system security, the safety of your staff, and the protection of your assets.

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We have complete confidence in Biode and would highly recommend their biometric solutions. Our systems and processes are greatly improved and efficient. And, the extra data gained gives us a better insight into our productivity and performance.




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