Time & attendance,
reinforced by biometric

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Who is where, and when?

Tetanu is the ultimate tool for cloud-based time & attendance (T&A) management. Our leading-edge solution seamlessly integrates biometric identification technology into your existing T&A system; reinforcing accuracy, reliability and accountability.

By securely identifying staff, Tetanu can control and verify day-to-day people management activities, including; staff attendance and precise working time, location of your mobile workforce, and time-to-task attribution.

Manage your PEOPLE now

Need to solve these COSTLY problems?

How to:

  • Record precise time & attendance
  • Eliminate time-stealing
  • Reduce payroll and invoice errors
  • Implement robust muster-control
  • Gather intel for accurate reporting
  • Track real-time people movement

Mismanaging your PEOPLE
can be expensive
Overcome these critical challenges

Reinforcing productivity

For every business, effective people-management is a critical function in the day-to-day operations. An underperforming, outdated system can result in unnecessary costs through lost productivity and time-theft.

Tetanu ensures your existing people-management system is reinforced by the accurate identification of individuals through biometric technology.

Information is power

Tetanu integrates world-leading hardware, including fingerprint, iris and facial scanners, to enhance the reliability and functionality of crucial management applications, such as time & attendance, rostering, and payroll.

Tetanu records, collates and displays critical information from across an integrated system and provides a real-time view of people within the facility, resulting in a superior level of insight and management control.

Businesses trust Tetanu for superior People Management:

Tetanu utilises biometric identification technology, such as fingerprint scanners, to accurately identify staff before accepting T&A data inputs, reinforcing accountability and authenticity.
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Tetanu is a cloud-based platform that records, analyses, and displays critical information to provide a real-time view of all staff who are on-site, across multiple locations.
Protect your people now
Provides assurance that employee time-sheets are correct, including the accurate allocation of time spent on specific projects.
Protect your people now
With this degree of accuracy, businesses can confidently:

  • Pay employees the appropriate wages – eliminating overpaymentand time-theft
  • Invoice customers the correct amount – eliminating undercharging and customer disputes

Protect your people now

The Tetanu system can adapt to your expanding business. There are no limits to the number of staff and locations that can be managed by Tetanu. Our software geniuses will seamlessly integrate Tetanu into existing people-management systems for an optimised process.
Protect your people now
Tetanu is designed to reduce the time invested in manual reporting, as well as mitigate human error that arises from labour-intensive and tedious tasks. With our customised integration to your back-end systems, you will be able to manage your T&A more efficiently and accurately – maximising productivity and cost-effectiveness.
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