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ASSETS in your

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What’s where, when, and with whom?

Tetanu is a world-class asset management solution, protecting valuable property, stock, and equipment with a level of accuracy only possible through biometric identification technology.

Tetanu integrates state-of-the-art software with leading biometric hardware to securely manage the use, and track the whereabouts of valuable assets, offering an unparalleled level of accountability for asset management within organisations.

Protect your ASSETS now

Need to solve these COSTLY problems?

How to:

  • Deter theft and reduce stock shrinkage
  • Track and control mobile assets
  • Protect property and equipment
  • Secure digital assets and information
  • Eliminate laborious data entry
  • Produce insightful asset reports

Mismanaging your ASSETS
can be costly.
Overcome these critical challenges

The trusted solution

Tetanu is trusted by some of Australia’s most respected companies to protect their assets. Tetanu has evolved by drawing upon years of experience developing our renowned product, Doorkeeper, which is widely utilised in highly secure correctional facilities.

The value of accountability

Tetanu ensures security and accountability for your property and equipment through the integration of state-of-the-art software and leading biometric identification technology.

Tetanu accurately identifies staff and visitors, and then allows you to manage WHO has the permission to access, and use, specific assets. Tetanu has powerful functionality to display the location of mobile assets across your sites and facilities.

Know WHAT is WHERE, and with WHOM.

Eliminate unnecessary costs and risks.

Organisations cannot afford to operate on an asset management system that is:

  • Labour-intensive and expensive
  • Outdated and counterintuitive
  • Unreliable and inaccurate
  • Difficult to integrate

Rely on Tetanu to protect:

  • Stock and resources
  • Tech devices
  • Cash
  • Tools and machinery
  • Intellectual property
  • Facility equipment

Businesses trust Tetanu for effective Asset Management:

Tetanu’s cloud-based platform ensures changes made to asset permissions are active immediately across all sites. This is especially important for businesses where an employee’s authorities are revoked at short notice. Tetanu conveniently displays the availability, position and possession of assets in real-time.
Protect your ASSETS now
The Tetanu system can adapt to your always-evolving business. There are no limits to the number or type of assets, people and locations that can be accurately managed by Tetanu.
Protect your ASSETS now
Biode’sin-house biometric experts can integrate Tetanu with any existing system in your organisation. The software is fully customisable. Among other things, Tetanu can seamlessly interact with payroll, key management, access control, CCTV and time & attendance systems, placing biometric identity at the heart of your asset-management ecosystem.
Protect your ASSETS now