Welcome to the new era
in Access Management

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Who can enter where, and when?

Tetanu sets a new benchmark for access control within organisations; offering an unprecedented level of security for your people and physical assets.

This solution streamlines Access; integrating biometric identification technology with state-of-the-art software to accurately authenticate people on-site and securely manage permissions to access specific places and assets.

Secure your access-points now

Need to solve these COSTLY problems?

How to:

  • Accurately identify and authenticate people on-site
  • Manage unique authorisations for staff and visitors
  • Eliminate unauthorised access to property and assets
  • Control access and use of keys, swipe-cards and passwords

Mismanaging your ACCESS
privileges can be costly.
Overcome these critical challenges

Manage People. Protect Assets. Secure Access.

Tetanu is designed to manage people and protect physical assets by integrating leading access control technology as a feature of our cloud-based platform. Businesses cannot afford to operate an obsolete or under-featured system that fails to:

  • Securely manage access permissions for staff and guests.
  • Accurately authenticate individuals before granting access.

Businesses trust Tetanu for secure Access Management:

Tetanu overcomes the limitations of keys, swipe-cards and passwords. Integrated Biometric hardware captures human attributes to identify an individual irrefutably and then grant access to pre-defined areas. Biometric characteristics that cannot be forged or shared include the iris, fingerprints, and facial features.
Tetanu offers a superior management solution for businesses where keys, swipe-cards, and passwords are crucial access management devices. Through the integration of biometric identification technology, Tetanu dramatically improves securability, reliability, and accountability by managing WHO has access to keys, as well as reporting WHEN keys were collected and returned.

Tetanu also extends the functionality of world-leading key-cabinets to more securely protect your access devices when not in use.

Tetanu includes a powerful user-interface to manage unlimited access-points, across multiple facilities effortlessly. With user-defined levels of permissions and security, there is no limit to the number and type of keys that can be managed by Tetanu, eliminating labour-intensive key-management systems that are prone to human error.
Tetanu’s state-of-the-art solution is integrated into your suite of business-management systems, making it secure and easy to manage permissions and system changes. The Tetanu platform introduces biometric identification technology to link a range of independent platforms together, enabling them to operate as one comprehensive and holistic system.
For safety and security, changes made to users’ access authorizations in Tetanu are effective instantaneously throughout the entire facility, and across multiple sites comprising an organization. Access activities are also recorded and displayed in real-time for maximum accountability and security.