Our customised, biometric-technology kiosks are
designed for your unique requirements.

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Kiosk Solutions

Our trusted suppliers of biometric hardware are globally recognised innovators, developing identification tools with superior accuracy, security and reliability.

To take the user experience to the next level, Biode offers bespoke Kiosk Enclosures to enhance usability, functionality and practicality.

Our kiosks are advanced set-ups that incorporate the biometric technology described above with our innovative software. The kiosks are robust, light-weight, strong, and purpose-built for challenging environments.

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Here are some valuable features we incorporate into our kiosks:

Planet PoE Splitter

This is our solution to tidy up wiring for the kiosk and bio-tech. We provide a compact and high-quality power supply to all internal components. This reduces external and internal cabling and optimises the management of power requirements for incumbent site support technicians.

Intel NUC Mini PC

We integrate innovative technology explicitly designed to reduce processing and electrical power usage, creating an environmentally friendly and technically superior solution. This also allows for easier maintenance and comes with a 3-year warranty.

10” Touchscreen

As an excellent addition to the kiosk, these high-contrast and industrialised touchscreens enhance the user experience. Its flat edges and bright display give it a sleek and modern look for your facility.


We design our system for easy maintenance, repairs and replacements. Plus, our in-house software technicians can offer fast and helpful support.

Reach out to our biometric expert team for more information and personalised advice about our specialised Kiosk systems.

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