Hardware Integrations

To take biometrics to the next level, we
incorporate these hardware components.

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Mantraps are extremely useful for effective access control for high-security and high-risk environments. The system is comprised of a small space with two sets of interlocking doors. Once a person enters the mantrap, they are secured in that location until access is approved. If access is denied, the person will be held in the mantrap until authorized officials can intervene.


Turnstiles are commonly used for access control in medium-security environments. The automated gates mitigate bottlenecks and allow free-flowing egress and ingress while still ensuring individuals are properly identified before access is permitted.

RFID Tagging

RFID tags are a valuable tool for tracking the whereabouts of mobile assets. The small, RFID tags are attached to specific assets and then linked to your Biode system, giving you a precise view of WHAT assets are WHERE, and WHEN. With the power of biometrics, our systems can also track WHO is in possession of the asset.

Key Cabinets

Keywatcher are a world-leading provider of secure key cabinets. These products are designed to protect access tools, primarily keys, at medium/high-security facilities. The cabinets act as a storage unit for when keys are not in operation. When integrated with our systems, access to the keys inside the cabinets is secured by biometrics, ensuring correct authorisation and accountability for assets.

Reception Cameras

To further optimise the overall system, Biode often integrate ethernet and USB cameras into the reception set-up. Biode select the appropriate surveillance system for your facility from our range of trusted suppliers.

Prisoner Property System

Integrating with a PPS is crucial feature for our Correctional Centre customers. The PPS gives controlled access to inmate’s valuables, clothing, and other personal items. Biode ensures the inmates’ property is safe, secure, and accounted for at all times.