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iCAM7 Series

Cutting-edge iris recognition

The iCAM7 Series features four innovative iris identification devices that are trusted by major companies around the world for Access Control, and Time-and-Attendance.

The intuitive system enables rapid iris acquisition with excellent image-processing for superior enrolment and recognition.

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iCAM7 sets industry benchmarks in accuracy, reliability and functionality. Some key features include:

Dual Iris

Fully automatic dual capture for added security and accuracy


Non-intrusive and touchless user interface


Compatible with a broad range of leading third-party systems

Remote management

For convenience and practical usability


An integrated contactless card reader for ultra-security

Auto-tilt assist

tilting scanner to allow for varied guest height

And much more… Reach out to our biometric expert team for more information and personalised advice about these modern, high-tech devices.

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iCAM7 Series